Media Center Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Jenkins

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Volunteer Spotlight: Andy Jenkins

Jenkins Acknowledged for Outstanding Volunteerism

Recently we spoke with Andy Jenkins, a 2011 Monster Board Volunteer that was acknowledged by his Volunteer Chairman for his outstanding volunteerism during the 2011 tournament. Andy’s Chairman had this to say,

“Andy was always early for his shift and never left early. He stayed Sunday until the ceremony was over on 18th green before clearing the board. With my limited number of schedule volunteers I spent most of my time on the village board and never worried about the big board while he was there. He even came prepared with a hand drawn score board so he could keep up with what they were posting from behind the  board.”

Read along and learn a little more about Andy and why he enjoys Volunteering.

Tournament Staff: What made you decide to volunteer for The McGladrey Classic?
Andy Jenkins: I worked for Sea Island Company during the same time frame as the UBS events. It was really fun and I just enjoy being on property and around the pros.

Tournament Staff: Was The McGladrey Classic your first volunteer experience?
Andy Jenkins: I have worked at other tournament held on Sea Island Property, but The McGladrey Classic was my first volunteer experience.

Tournament Staff: What is your “day” job?
Andy Jenkins: I own Bienvenue Hair Salon with my wife, Amy. I am also a Realtor and work for Halyards catering division.

Tournament Staff: Do you play golf? Regularly?
Andy Jenkins: I don’t play as much as I used to, my every other month, but I sure enjoyed my free round of golf on the Seaside Course with some VERY happy friends! What a nice treat for volunteers.

Tournament Staff: What does volunteering mean to you?
Andy Jenkins: Volunteering means simply representing our area and making all we come in contact with feel welcome and want to return.

Tournament Staff: Favorite moment at The McGladrey Classic so far?
Andy Jenkins: My favorite moment was getting Ben Crane to sign my Monster Board “spreadsheet” after he won last year and telling him it was his own fault he wasn’t higher on our board (he wasn’t even in the top ten when he made the turn on Sunday)…got a good laugh from those nearby!

Tournament Staff: Any unusual hobbies or interest?
Andy Jenkins: No unusual hobbies for me. Working out to the tac-fit program at Golden Isles Martial Arts Academy. I have a few bird/hummingbird feeders out and enjoy watching. Just being a dad takes up a lot of my time!

Tournament Staff: Tell us one thing people may not know about you.
Andy Jenkins: I have one green eye and one brown eye. I can always tell when people notice because they kind of freak out a little!

Tournament Staff: Thank you for taking the time to talk with us and for your commitment to The McGladrey Classic & Davis Love Foundation!
Andy Jenkins: This was so fun! Thank you for asking.

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