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Teams Love and Hearn Tie for Lead in Pro-Am

Teams Love and Hearn tied for the lead in the 2012 RSM International Pro-Am on Wednesday.  They had a team score of 54, sixteen under par.  Love’s played with Jeffrey Walters, David Shane, John Hatherly and country music star Gary Allan.  Hearn’s team included Bruce Lesser, Greg Bolan and Don Griscom.

Teams Pernice and de Jonge tied for third, just one stroke off the lead.  Pernice’s team included Kevin Devanney, Tom Peltier and David Gerson.  Lyn Allgood, Wilson Allgood and Kirby Yawn played with de Jonge.

Teams Points and Singh tied for fifth, two strokes off the lead.  Playing with Points were Gary Bogue, Brent Ragsdale and Mike Hazelton.Singh’s team included Dan Helle, Steve Johnson, and Dana LaForge.

Teams Crane, Furyk, Gainey, Davis , Herron and Gay tied for seventh at three strokes back.  Making up these teams were:

Team Crane: Gary Williams, Anthony Canitano and Butler Melnyk

Team Furyk: Matt Bradvica, Doug Opheim, and Steven Gintowt

Team Gainey: David Allen, Andrew Tuhler, and Bill Karol

Team Davis: John Stafford III, Travis Aronson, Paul Clark

Team Herron: Mark Bishof, Richard Northing, and Jim Ryan

Team Gay: Aubrey Rothrock III, Matt Echols, and Stuart Prince.

Thirty seven additional teams, each playing with a PGA TOUR Pro and three Amateurs rounded out the field making for an exciting and fun day of golf.

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