Volunteers Registration

Interested in volunteering for the 2015 RSM Classic?  Sign Up Now

If you have any questions, contact James Stevens, Tournament Manager, at 912.634.3272.

As The RSM Classic continues to grow in size and stature, so does our need for more Volunteers. We hope you choose to become a part of our team.

The Benefits

  • POLO Golf Shirt and Outerwear piece
  • Your choice of an Imperial Cap, Visor or Sun Hat (additional charge for Sun Hat)
  • Volunteer Credential that grants access to the tournament grounds all week
  • Two (2) Good Any One Day tickets
  • Lunch vouchers and snacks provided for each shift worked
  • Reusable water bottle with belt clip
  • Commemorative Volunteer pin
  • Complimentary round of golf at Sea Island Golf Club (must complete a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer service)
  • Opportunity to purchase tickets to The RSM Classic Concert Event at a discounted price (limit of 4 tickets)

Additional Volunteers Needed

All Volunteers are required to purchase their uniform ($80) in order to participate. The RSM Classic is seeking Volunteers in three primary areas that are critical to efficient tournament operations:


Marshals are located on every hole and are located in high traffic areas to assist the PGA TOUR players. They are responsible for maintaining crosswalks, providing gallery control, and assisting patrons with information.

Laser Operators

Laser Operators work directly with the PGA TOUR ShotLink Staff and are responsible for recording each golf shot by using trigger-type lasers, survey grade lasers, and palm devices. Laser Operators are located in the fairways and greenside at every hole (Seaside Course only). Volunteers are scheduled in teams of two – one operates the laser while the other is able to keep up with play and control communication to the ShotLink Staff. Training will be provided to everyone prior to all Laser Operator volunteer shifts.

Standard Bearers

The RSM Classic volunteers on this committee will be responsible for walking with each group of players and posting their scores on a standard.  Each standard resembles a small scoreboard and provides the event spectators with current information on how the players are scoring in relation to par for the entire tournament.  Each Standard Bearer will be asked to work under the direction of a Walking Scorer.  Although the Standard Bearer is responsible for physically updating the information on the standard, the Walking Scorer will be responsible for making sure the score information on the standard is correct.

Marshals and Standard Bearers are needed Wednesday through Sunday. Laser Operators are needed Thursday – Sunday. Exact volunteer shifts will be based upon player tee times. However, most volunteer shifts will fall between 8:30am to 4:30pm each day.